I’ve reported from many countries, for magazines and newspapers, on business topics, on the rise of radical Islam, the Palestinian intifada and the aftermath of the fall of Communism.

Tokyo Working Woman magazine: “Women Break Through In Japan.” As Japan’s economy melts down, a new, responsive, flexible business culture—pioneered by women—is starting to heat up. 1998.

4-Part Series The San Francisco Chronicle series on former Soviet Central Asia 1993

Aligalabon: “Tajik Rebels Have Backs to the Wall” Anti-Communist forces are on the short end of region’s bloodiest civil war. 

Tashkent: “Ex-Communists Stifle Democracy in Uzbekistan” Corruption, ethnic rivalry resurface in Central Asian republic.

Baku: “Azerbaijan Setting Stage for New Oil Boom”

Yerevan: “Bleak Times for War-Weary Armenia” Independence hasn’t brought relief from hardships.

The Nation: “Israeli Elections: Who Speaks for the Sephardim?”
Crowded in tenement blocks in cities’ industrial outskirts, Israel’s ghettos are home to the majority mizrachim or “Easterners” whose grandparents came from Arab nations. June, 1992

The Nation: “Forgotten People: The World and The Kurds”
“We’re living through hard times,” a Kurdish father tells his son. “We can’t even claim our dead.” Indeed – and truer today. Persecution of the Kurdish people of iran and Iraq by their own governments is steadily worsening. August, 1989

Casablanca The Miami Herald: “Moroccans’ Quest For Reform Unites Political Dissidents and Investors.” 1996

Pamirs, Tajikistan The Times (London): “Tajik rebels take to the hills as Dushanbe razes villages.” January, 1993

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The San Francisco Chronicle: “Ethiopians Find Revolution Didn’t Solve Economic Problems.” April, 1992

Asmara, Eritrea The San Francisco Chronicle: “Eritrea Heads Toward Full Nationhood” Free of Ethiopia, it is determined to be African ‘miracle.’ 1992

Khartoum, Sudan The San Francisco Chronicle: “Iranian Aid Bolsters Karthoum’s Regine” Sudan’s successful campaign against southern rebels has put millions of refugees at risk of starvation. April, 1992 

Israel Pacific News Service: “Honor Killing Fuels Debate Over Women and Islam”

Ramallah The San Francisco Chronicle: “How Palestinians View the Settlements.” April, 1992

Cairo, Egype The San Francisco Chronicle: “Pharaohs Of Film” Egypt’s historic film industry looks beyond the Middle East. January, 1992 

Jerusalem The Sunday Times: “Loving The Enemy” When a Jew and an Arab fall in love and intermarry, they do so across a great divide of intimate hatreds and biblical wars. December 1991

Jordan Oakland Tribune: “Iraqi Soldiers Can’t Flee War’s Demons”
The gulf war was like a big storm, a hell destroying everything, said Issa, an ex-Iraqi soldier. November, 1991. 

Gaza The San Francisco Chronicle: “Gaza Youths Want Armed Struggle, Not Talks” April, 1991

Amman The San Francisco Chronicle: “Jordan’s Queen Urges Better U.S. Relations” March, 1991


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