I’ve written extensively on personal finance, wealth-building and retirement as well as work-life balance and management issues, in print and online. Several regular columns in newspapers and magazines dealt with real estate, career and investing. 

Finance and Investing
Newsday: “Exotic—Yet Sensible” Retiring south of the border can offer a taste of paradise and a way to stretch the dollar. September, 2004.  

Barron’s: “Less Means More” Caught in the stock market’s downdraft, some philanthropists are upping their giving nonetheless. December, 2001.

Working Mother: “For Richer or For Poorer” Working your budget without wrecking your marriage. March, 2002.

Newsday: “Calm, Quiet, Kidless” Some love the serenity of child-free communities, while experts question whether the generations should live apart. June, 2004.

BusinessWeek Small Biz: “And They’re Off” As laws mandating family leave appear, it’s time to work out a policy that’s fair, clear, and easy to implement. Fall, 2004.

Bloomberg magazine: “Other Peoples’ Money: The Growing Trend in Exotic Debt” Emerging-market funds are mapping a new course with a greater variety of local currencies. December, 1996. 

American Banker: “Hot Ticket—Emerging Markets Derivatives” For banks, profit margins 20 times those of plain vanilla. August, 1996.

Parents: “Will Power” No one likes to think about estate planning, so it’s no  wonder that two-thirds of American parents don’t even have a will. Do you? March, 2004.

Martha Stewart Living: “Keeping It: Finding a Financial Planner” When she approached a milestone birthday, Nina Lewis realized she needed help getting her financial life in order. 2003

: “Solving the Daycare Dilemma” Why good daycare is hard to find--and what you can do about it. April, 2002.  

BusinessWeek Online column, “Work & Family” This column ran every week.

BusinessWeek: “Outside Help” Few families can do it all alone. But hiring and retaining talent is an art in itself. Summer, 2004.


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